Updated: Jun 27, 2019


We did our research and long story short amethyst is the Queen Bitch of healing stones. This stone goes as far as absorbing negative energy to helping cure hangovers. Cue the extra glass of rosé. Amethyst is specifically linked to connecting those to their spirituality and improving one's psychic ability. This beautiful purple stone is known to manifest your desires and help you achieve your highest goals. Queen Bitch or Boss Bitch? You decide.

Rose Quartz

If amethyst is known as the Queen Bitch of stones, that would make rose quartz the Queen of Hearts. Rose quartz is more commonly known as the love stone. This pale pink stone helps to attract love, assist in giving love and open your heart to receive love. So, if you're looking to attract a new boo this summer or want to heighten the romance level of your current relationship, this is the stone for you.


Agate comes in many shapes and colours and spoiler alert we tend to make a lot of our jewelry with agate. Agate is linked to help stabilize and cleanse one's awareness and help build confidence and courage. If you're looking to incite strength and heal anger, this stone will help manifest positive energy. Think of yourself as a beautiful lioness; strong, aware and capable to handle any situation that life may throw at you when wearing agate.


When a stone is as beautiful as turquoise, do you even care what healing properties it holds?! Lucky for you, turquoise is more than just a beautiful stone. Imagine being able to put on a dress that helps heal your body and mind from the inside out - thats the healing powers this stone holds.

Turquoise is know to heal stomach issues, cramps, anaemia and a crap load of other health issues, not to mention the mental and emotional attributes. We like to refer to this stone as Queen D; firmly known as Queen Doctor. There are so many things we could say about turquoise that you're probably better off just googling it yourself.




Blue Quartz